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KentCoin - Amazing Growth and Perspective ...

7 February 2019


On January 7, 2018, trading on the Kent Coin (Kc) club coin was opened on the InterKent platform.

The uniqueness and value of the coin lies in the fact that, according to the algorithm (program), it constantly rises in price when it is purchased at 0.10 € K and is always put up for sale at the current price, which guarantees its constant growth and profit for the bidders.


The price of the first coin was 0.10 € K (EuroKent (€K) is an internal club currency used to buy lottery tickets and Kent Coin coins (Kc). A year later, the price of the coin increased hundreds of times and reached its first historical level of 100 € K.


According to the development plan, when the coin price reaches 100 € K, it can be used to pay for goods, products and services in the Kent Shop store, which gives it even greater value and popularity, since when paying by coin all purchases cost 30% - 50% cheaper its real value.

Kent Coin - has a very large development prospects, as the capitalization of the coin increases with each purchase. It is profitable for the owners of the coin to sell it and fix the profit, but it is no less profitable to keep and increase its amount on your account.


To better understand this, we give a simple example:


a) if you own one coin, then when someone buys one coin, the capitalization will increase by 0.10 € K;


b) if you have 10 coins, then when someone buys a single coin, your capitalization will be 1.00 € K;


c) accordingly, if you have 100 coins, then with the same operation the capitalization will be 10 € K.


But this is not the only value of the coin, as it allows you to pay for goods, products and services in the Kent Shop while getting more benefits because of the difference in price.




The price of a smartphone is € 200 or 1 Kc (which costs € 100) - if you own a coin, you can buy this smartphone and it will cost you € 100, and if not, you have the opportunity to buy it, but when you make a purchase of a coin, it will increase at a price of 0.10 € K, which will increase its total capitalization described above.

We hope this information will be useful for those who already own this unique coin, and for those who are only going to purchase it.