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Important information for platform users

31 January 2019

Dear partners, as you know we are conducting an audit. During this check, system errors were detected (which have already been corrected) as well as violations in the work with the platform and the abuse of its functionality. As a result, the balance of the platform's profitability indicators was disrupted relative to the funds for which the compensation is accrued and the actual amount of which is in the form of reserves. This balance needs to be restored.
For this, we are taking action and finding solutions. We also ask you to treat with understanding and implement all the recommendations, as our common success depends on it.

We ask you to temporarily suspend the processing of applications for withdrawal and purchase of "PARTNER'S PACKAGE" from the internal balance sheet, especially for those who already have more than 12 packages purchased from the internal balance sheet.

Instead, you are offered to buy a coin, its capitalization exceeds the profitability of the work of "PARTNER'S PACKAGE" several times. (This is the most promising product on our platform) In the near future, information on the coin and its values ​​will be provided again in detail.

There are no restrictions on paid packages using VISA / MasterCard.

All new purchases using VISA / MasterCard, or through recharge in your account are welcome.

In the near future it will be possible to pay for some goods in Kent Shop with our coin, on more favorable terms.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and support!

Together we will make efforts and activate the development of the platform, we have something to offer and show other people how to use the platform to improve the quality of their business and life in general.

We also inform that from March 1, 2019, the overall profitability of the platform will be about 22% - 24% per annum (all packages purchased before March 1, 2019 will work under the same conditions), so buy the "PARTNER PACKAGE".




Sincerely, Pavel P. Pavlyuk