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KentCoin (Kc) - a coin that never drops down in value.

8 May 2019



KentCoin (Kc), this is a club coin that is bought and sold on the InterKent platform for the domestic club currency - euroKent (€K).

According to the established algorithm (program), the value of the coin increases with each purchase of it at 0.10 €K and is always put up for sale at the current price, which guarantees its constant growth and profit for the bidders.

In addition, it can be used to pay for goods, products and services on the Kentcoin Market, which will increase the turnover and popularity of the coin itself, since buying money in coins will cost 30% - 50% cheaper than its real value.

Currently sold and is in circulation more than 400 (four hundred) coins.

Since the beginning of trading (07.02.2018), the price of a coin has increased many times

from 0.10 €K to 109 €K and continues to grow.

Purchase KentCoin (Kc), store it or sell it - this is one of the most promising opportunities on our platform for a multiple increase in income.

To purchase a coin and open an account for its storage, please contact Tel: +34 635 817 729 (WhatsApp; Viber; Telegram)

E-mail: interkent.club@gmail.com