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Quest «Caches in Tenerife»

15 May 2019



Terms of participation in the quest «Caches in Tenerife»



  1. All partners and members of the K€NT club, as well as every active user who registered on the InterKent platform and purchased the «User» club card (price 1.00€) in the KentShop online store, can participate in the quest.    
  2. Caches with card numbers: 0107 2013 1321 0000 - 0107 2013 1370 0000 are located in different parts of Tenerife and the one who discovers the cache will receive a reward of 1 KentCoinfor providing a card, and when you purchase 10 KentCoin and more, the club bonus will be a gift map of the KentShop online store at 100.00€.    
  3. The locations of the caches will be marked on the map of the island, as well as shown in the photos and videos that will be posted on all the club’s online resources.    
  4. When a cache is detected, you need to take a selfie, a photo and a video of the area, report the date, time, your name and the number of the found club card.
  5. Send data to e-mail: interkent.info@gmail.com in the topic section indicate «Quest»
  6. After checking the material, the participant is granted KENT status (he becomes a member of the club) as a reward and receives 1 KentCoin (Kc) in his account. The coin can be stored by monitoring the growth of its price, as well as sold on the KentCoin marketplace or pay for a purchase at KentCoinMarket.

Guests and residents of the island, traveling to Tenerife have the opportunity to try to find a cache and get a reward for this 1 KentCoin = 110€K = 55€