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The device DENAS-Cardio is intended for therapeutic non-invasive (without breaking the skin) course effects on biologically active zones - dynamic electroneurostimulation in order to correct blood pressure (BP) and normalize the general state of the body.


The device is shown to persons older than 14 years with a labile form of arterial hypertension and patients with a persistent increase in blood pressure (hypertension) as an additional effect against the background of medication taken.

Electrical stimulation with the DENAS-Cardio apparatus helps to normalize the tone of the vascular wall, expand the capillaries, and improve hemodynamics in the microcirculation system. Thereby:

blood pressure stabilizes at a level acceptable to the patient;
general well-being improves;
psycho-emotional state improves;
working capacity increases;
reduced risk of developing complications of hypertension;
improves the patient's quality of life.
The device DENAS-Cardio is intended for the course of treatment of patients with arterial hypertension as an additional treatment against the background of the main drug therapy. In the course application of the device DENAS-Cardio blood pressure stabilizes, overall health improves, which leads to a decrease in drug load. In addition, regular use of the device is the prevention of hypertensive crises, life-threatening complications and the likelihood of prolonging the life of patients.
The device is very easy to use, it is equipped with an informative display with large icons, a wide and soft cuff for fixation on the wrist and lower leg, a case for storage and carrying.




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